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We here at August West Wellness aim to provide mental health and advocacy services to help fill the gaps in the current mental health system.  We want to not only help people become mentally well, but learn how to advocate for themselves so they can work towards independence.

All services include a FREE initial 30  minute consolation that we will allow enough time for all parties to decide whether to move forward with services or not. This consultation can be completed via the phone or in person.

We currently are  offering the follow services at AWW:


We here at AWW are willing to work with all individuals, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, or religion.  In addition to individual therapy, we also offer services for couples and families as well.  All it takes to start is the willingness to have a conversation, so reach out today and start your journey to mental wellness!  We are currently cash, check or PayPal only.   Soon as I am credentialed and accepting insurance, it will be posted.  Please contact me about your insurance provider and we will work together to address any billing concerns!



Through my work as a mobile therapist, I discovered there is simply not enough education and resources available to ensure parents and children are informed of their rights.  Not enough parents know how to request a IEP evaluation.  Not enough parents understand the role occupational and physical therapy can play in a child’s development.  Thus, it is my mission to continue to help parent’s ensure schools are providing the education AND a nurturing environment that their child can thrive in.

If you’re not happy with the current level of support your school provides, or just unsure of what options you have as a parent, PLEASE reach out to AWW today!

Additionally, I really want to help people with is evaluating the effectiveness of their current mental health services.  I can imagine there are people out there that do not want to change their therapists and/or psychiatrists, but are not totally happy with their services.  Thus, I am offering to evaluate a person’s current state of mental health services and offer any sort of constructive criticism I can.  My goal would not be to replace any current services, but work in a collaborative role to make sure a person is getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to mental health services!

So, if the current mental health professionals in your life aren’t cutting, feel free to reach out to AWW and let’s work together to make improvements in your care!

This consultant/advocacy service is cash, check or paypal only.  There is a sliding scale, so please inquire further about services if you feel like you need a mental health advocate/consultant in your life!



For any and all inquires about the services listed above,

please contact us at:


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