Talkin Choice Theory

Before we get started learning about choice theory, the delivery system of reality therapy, let’s start with a very simple question:


If I do or say _____________________,

will that bring us closer together or push us farther apart?


I ask this question because the basic foundation of reality therapy, as well as choice theory, is that much of our discord stems from having dysfunctional relationships in our lives.

By looking at our relationships as a house, it is the choices we make that create it’s foundation. If we make choices that strengthen our relationship, then the foundation is stronger.  If we make choices that weaken our relationship, what do you think happens to the foundation?

Thus, in essence, the success of reality therapy and choice theory in your life depends on a very simple idea;

Figure out what dysfunctional relationship is causing you the most strife.

Figure out choices that strengthen, not weaken the relationship.

Now that sounds all well and good, but in order to put it into practice, you are going to need some more structure.

In order to provide that structure, choice theory has some basic concepts to help frame the choices we all make.

They are as follows, in no particular order:

Our Five Basic Needs

The Seven Habits

Quality World

The WDEP System

To find out more information about reality therapy and choice theory,

please check out the following resources:

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