Parent’s Place

It is truly a challenging time to be a parent! On top of the traditional struggles of raising children, we have now have the added influence of social media and precious screen time.  All of this can create a tough environment for a parent to succeed! This section is dedicated to help parents navigate the stormy waters of modern parenting!

As a parent of three, and after working in the mental health field, it is my belief is the biggest difference of parenting in today’s world versus the one’s of our parents and grandparents is that parenting USED to be based on fear (ie: corporal punishment) and now it is based on respect.  This means telling a child to do something because you as a parent “said so” does not fly anymore.  We have to have open lines of communication and help our children understand the reasons we want them to do the things that we do.

While it is important to start building these lines of communication at a young age, no troubled relationship is beyond repair! It takes all parties willing to invest in change and working together to create a respectful environment conducive to open and honest communication.

Below are some excellent resources on ways to help be a better parent!  Don’t forget to book your session today, and let’s work together to help you become the best parent you can be!


Choice Theory




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