In Memorium, My Grandfather

Everyone in life has one someone that teaches them priceless life lessons and inspires them to do better.  Everyone has that person that they look up too, that they want to make proud.

For me, that was my grandfather.

Unfortunately, as I write this, my family is busy planning funeral services as my wonderful, kind, loving grandfather took his last breath yesterday.

But I assure you, this is a time for tears.  But happy tears, if I must.  Happy tears because my grandfather is no longer in pain, no longe agonzing over tragic loss of mobility he suffered from falling earlier this year.  Instead of fighting everyday in pain, consider that he is now reunited with his loving wife of 50 years, my grandmother.  He now reunited with his oldest son as well.

And on top of that, my grandfather lived a joyous and plentiful life.  From sneaking into the marines at 17 to working at the local factory to support his family, he did it with his own unusual style and grace.  With my grandma as his guiding light, they raised five incredibley kind, loving children, one of which was my mother.

So again, I say today is a day for happy tears as we remember the best of times we all shared with my grandfather.   Let us remember the good times, the funny memories, like the time he showed up unexpeted with a shaved head, or the managed to run himself over with his own car.

Let us spend the day, and many more days, celebrating his life by living it as he only he taught us how… by living it to the fullest while working hard to acheive your dreams, but never skipping the chance to make someone life and smile.

Rest in Peace, Pap. You were one helluva role model for a troubled youth back when, and now as a loving, supportive father.  Thank you for everything! I would not have turned out to be the husband/father/therapist without your unconditonal love and support in my life.  I promise you I will continue to pay that kindness and love forward.

It is now in your name that I will heal the world, one client at a time.

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1 thought on “In Memorium, My Grandfather

  1. Ryan, that is a beautiful memorial for your Grandfather. He was a great man. I will always cherish the love of family that he and your Grandmother taught me from just spending much time at there house with your Mom. I know they both were very proud of you and all the family.


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