Hobbies are Happiness Helpers

Long before I had to go into self quarantine due to this COVID 19 fun, I worked with numerous clients on developing more hobbies to enjoy because I believed that hobbies are truly one of the best ways to practice self care.  I can certainly tell you that I am currently SOOOOOOO grateful for my numerous hobbies because I am not bored, at all, being home like this.

I am very fortunate for that because boredom can cause our mental wellness to turn into a train wreck.  Having a mind space in the middle of a train wreck during self quarantine is not a pretty picture, which is exactly why I took some time this morning to write this blog post.

I want to challenge all of you readers to reflect on your hobbies, and how healthy they are for your mind space.  Considering the current historical event we are all living through, how are you able to adapt these hobbies while practicing social distancing?

One of my hobbies that I had to adapt was going out to see live music.  Thankfully, I have always been a fan of the couch tour, and I have a 7.1 surround sound set up to blast all the wonderful live streams that have been going on.  Does your stereo need an upgrade? I think at a time like this investing in good speakers n’at is a wise choice for mental wellness!

Another one of my hobbies which still relates to music is listening to vinyl.  I’m so entirely and utterly thrilled with vinyls I managed to collect since I got my record player for Yule.  From Black Sabbath to Weezer to Greensky to Aerosmith to Grateful Dead, and most recently, the NWA, I am having a blast with listening to music in the format in such a classic format.  The sound is just amazing and I feel it is way more healing that any music I listen to digitally.  Now while I cannot go out to a store and flip through the crates, I can still order vinyl online to continue building my collection even if all the record stores are currently closed.

While music is my main hobby love, I also play a lot of Borderlands 3.  I’ve begun coloring in my adult coloring books.  I enjoy going out for walks with the family and the dog.  Bike riding has become a MAJOR love of mine, my favorite form of exercise! I also read books and write blog posts, like this one.

Thus again I want to repeat the challenge.  Reflect on YOUR hobbies.  Reflect on what YOU do for YOUR happiness because after all happiness is YOUR choice.  If you are struggling to find mental wellness in these wild, wild times, I suggest turning to your hobbies and creating new ones too.  By spending time investing in doing things we enjoy, it becomes easier to recharge the soul and refuel the mind.

Hobbies are happiness helpers.  Now don’t you forget it!

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