Sometimes Ya Just Need a Good Cry

One of the things I often discuss with my clients is how our emotional trauma can rise up at the most unexpected of times and become incredibly crippling.  It is that very reason why we need to practice mindfulness and self care on the regular.  It is our best defense against these sudden emotional lane shifts we can experience thanks to lovely Lady Trauma.  I was reminded of this first hand tonight.

Sitting on my couch, listening to some Keller Williams on YouTube, I discovered a strong aquiantenance in my local music circle overdosed, likely on heroin.  And all the emotions came flooding back.

Emotions from almost losing my brother to his struggles with addiction.  He’s only alive today thanks to narcan and my quick thinking mother. I am eternally grateful he is still with us.  So grateful, in fact, he’s probably tired of hearing me tell him how grateful I am that he is still breathing.

Emotions from having to say goodbye to so many of my good friends way too early.  I won’t name them all here out of respect for their privacy, but its incredible that at age 33 to reflect back on how many of my friends have been lost to opiates.  I don’t think I can count them using only my fingers.

All of these emotions swirled and twirled into a long, long, LONG cry.  I cried for my brother.  I cried for my friends.  I cried for their families and their loved ones.  I cried for anyone currently struggling with addiction and not winning the fight.  I cried and I cried. Then I cried some more.

And then…

I dried up my tears and starting working on this blog post.  Because if there’s one thing I am sure of, it’s the idea of paying the love forward. How we can pay the love forward to begin investing SERIOUSLY in our mental wellness.  Now.  Today.  Right meow, in this very moment.

So, if you have been so negatively impacted by losing people to this opiate epidemic like I have, stand up with me and fight back.  Practice being kind recklessly.  Show others how important their mental wellness is, and how to find the support they need when the going gets tough! Continue to invest in YOUR mental wellness and do your part to bring more love and compassion into this mad, mad world.

In closing, I have only two words left to share.


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