My Pledge to Myself

One of the unfun things about the chemistry of the human brain is sometimes the science goes a little haywire and produces interesting results. Some of these results include things like the ADHD that causes my brain to misfire on a consistently inconsistent basis, much to the chagrin of my wife. Being in the trenches battling my ADHD on a daily basis, I do not often notice the effects it has on my behaviors and choices. But every once in a while, the truth becomes so palatable I can taste it.

Case in point, this blog that I have been trying to write weekly for since 2018. Like a lot of things in life, thanks in part to my ADHD, this blog is something that fascinates me for month long stretches every once in a while. And then poof, like I’ve been put under some sort of magic spell, my interest completely wanes. This same pattern can be seen with the oil diffusers I no longer fill up on a daily basis, despite having hundreds of dollars of oils and diffusers now in my possession. Same goes with the video games I will play endlessly for months, then suddenly stop without explanation.

I used to think this was a learned behavior from childhood because I must never had been taught to finish what I started. From playing football for a week, and failed attempts at the trumpet and violin, I never seemed to find a knack for finishing things that I started.

As an adult now, though, I have graduated with my master’s degree, opened my private practice and become a local elected official. So there is a part of my that is able to finish the things that I start. I consider this due to my dedication to always be growing and learning; to always finding a way to be better.

Lately I have been on a whole year long quest to figure out the secrets to the universe. While I might not be successful anytime soon, I offer this pledge to myself that to never stop growing and learning. I offer this pledge to continue time and time again to turn this blog into a weekly adventure. It started 3 years ago in 2018, resumed briefly in 2020, and has been restarted yet again in 2021.

It’ll be interesting to see if this was the turning point or not. Or if it’ll be another year or two before I post another entry.

Only time will tell, right?

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